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Belle Vie Rabbitry

Park Rapids, MN

ARBA Rabbitry #: D5650

Belle Vie (bell – vee) is French for ‘Beautiful Life, ‘ and that is what we strive to provide each of our  rabbits while they are in our care. We raise our animals for multi-purpose use – fur, food, and fancy – and are happy to discuss all aspects of rabbit raising with our clients and others who are interested in doing the same. We never sell our rabbits to pet stores. Belle Vie utilizes a stringent culling program — and although this is a sad aspect of rabbit raising, we feel that it is the responsible thing to do. We honor their lives and their sacrifice by using as much of the rabbit as possible, and we strive to improve our stock with every generation by making wise breeding decisions.

We began raising Standard Rex rabbits in Spring of 2016 with the acquisition of 4 junior does and one junior buck from H Bar J Rabbitry in southern MN. Our rabbits are descendants of several well-known Rex show and breeding lines in Minnesota. We continue to seek out stock that will improve on the foundation we currently have. All of our Rex are purebred & pedigreed. We recently added Netherland Dwarf rabbits to our rabbitry and look forward to offering high-quality kits of this breed as well. 

Our decision to raise our rabbits in outdoor colonies instead of traditional solitary cages stems from the belief that rabbits are social animals and that it is best for them physically and emotionally if we attempt to mimic their natural environment by providing space, fresh air, and socialization. This is a readily accepted practice for all other types of livestock – why not rabbits? 

This is our passion and purpose — that every rabbit in our care can live a wonderful life (no matter what their end purpose will be). When managed correctly, a colony environment benefits rabbits in numerous ways that confinement cannot. We believe that, because of their ability to exercise and interact with other rabbits, they are healthier (both mentally and physically), happier, and more content. 

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Belle Vie Rabbitry

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