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Constructing a Successful Colony Enclosure

Constructing a Successful Colony Enclosure There are many different types of colony enclosures. Like custom chicken coops, you are only limited by your creativity and access to materials. However, there are a few key details that you will want to consider before...
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Benefits of Rabbit Colonies

Benefits of Rabbit Colonies At Belle Vie Rabbitry, we breed and raise our Rex rabbits in small colony pens instead of in cages because we believe that a colony lifestyle actually helps create a happier, healthier rabbit -- which is beneficial no matter what the...
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Potential Colony Problems: Cleanliness

Problems with Rabbit Colonies: Cleanliness The second highest concern with raising rabbits in colonies is a valid one: cleanliness. The primary benefit of a cage system is the fact that your rabbits stay in visibly pristine condition. The rabbit's excrement falls on...
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Potential Colony Problems: Aggression

Potential Colony Problems: Aggression In my previous post, I listed a few reasons why rabbit colonies work for me and benefits that I gain from utilizing a colony system with my rabbits. However, there are a few things to consider before you begin your own colony to...
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