Rabbits for Sale

Pricing Information for 2017

 Available rabbits are priced according to their age at the time of reservation. We price our stock in this way because, in order to grow old at Belle Vie, each rabbit must meet certain standards at each of these points in its life. Rabbits that do not meet these standards are culled in order to improve each generation of rabbits in our care. 



Age 8-12 weeks = $40

Age 13-23 weeks = $50

Age 24 weeks + = $60 


 Netherland Dwarf

 Age 8-12 weeks = $50

Age 13-23 weeks = $60

Age 24 weeks + = $70 

Occasionally Belle Vie may offer proven breeding stock for sale. In the event that such breeding stock is listed, prices will be listed with each available animal based upon their breeding performance, age, and overall quality. 

Sales Information


Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Belle Vie rabbit!


If you would like to reserve one or more available rabbits please contact us first to determine availability. When you reach out to us please state which rabbit(s) you are interested in learning more about.

You may also request to be added to a waiting list for future litters/available rabbits.  


Once we receive your deposit we will send you an invoice detailing your purchase.

If possible, we will include each rabbit’s color, gender, age category, and ear # (weanlings are not sold tattooed) on your invoice for you to keep for your records to ensure you receive the correct animals. 

(If you are reserving a position on the waiting list, your invoice will be less descriptive)

You will also receive a copy of our Purchase Agreement. 

You’re almost done!

  When your new bunnies are ready to go home with you, you will be given a timeframe for you to either pick-up or arrange your own shipping/transportation. (If you would like your rabbit(s) shipped you assume all costs and liability. Belle Vie does not guarantee health for animals that have been shipped on buyer’s terms.)

Final payment is due at the time of pick-up (or prior to shipment if shipping).

At the time of pick-up, you will be asked to sign our purchase agreement. This purchase agreement outlines our policies related to the transaction. You will also receive some feed, your rabbit(s) pedigree(s) and a rabbit care sheet for your reference.

Thank you for choosing Belle Vie!